How to Make Your Client’s Home Inspections Easier


Yes, You Can Stop Mold Growth

      Mold we found behind washing machine

Many homeowners and employees call us to complain of coughing, fatigue, “brain fog”, and other mold-like symptoms. Hidden mold could  be the cause. Lab tests get expensive when sampling for mold and you can prevent its growth by doing the following.

  • Important! Check your entire crawl space during summer and winter for excessive moisture dripping off the  ducts or water on the ground. We’ll inspect it for you if its too “creepy.
  • Important! Do not run your central air conditioning fan at ON position. It will cause your indoor humidity to increase.
  • Buy a 3M brand Filtrete furnace that’s filter rated at 1,000 or more. They are designed to remove airborne mold spores.  Found at Lowes, Walmart & Ace Hardware.
  • Always run a dehumidifier in your basement. Buy the new type that pumps out water so you won’t forget to empty the bucket.
  • Best Choice Inspections can provide a 50 point moisture & mold inspection of your home or business to look for potential areas of mold growth.

Over 70 Different Home Services Pass Our Muster!

For the last 15 years we’ve been inspecting the quality of repair work done by electricians, plumbers, remodelers, painters, etc. The list goes on! We’ve been keeping track of who passed our muster. For your benefit, Best Choice Inspections has created a six-page categorized list of “the best of the best”.  We will provide this list free of charge to all our clients. Just another bonus for BCI customers.

Winter is just around the corner. Get ready with these tips. 

      • Disconnect the garden hoses and install insulated covers on your hose bibs. Water         freezing inside a connected hose can burst an  interior pipe.
      • Get your chimney cleaned before your first fire. Call us for a referral.
    • Replace smoke detector batteries. Replace smoke detectors over 10 years old (see date on back). Fire departments may give them out  free!
  • Use your lawnmower to mulch up leaves. If you don’t have one, mulching attachments are not expensive. Mulched leaves fertilize your lawn too!
  • Clean all gutters. Overflowing gutters are a top cause for structural movement and water in basements or crawl spaces.