Mold Myths


Myth #1 …. I can get a “free” or “reasonably priced” mold test

Mold from Healthy House

Mold from Healthy House

Many Knoxville mold inspection or mold remediation companies offer “free” inspections or “low cost” tests.  If it sounds too good to be true….  Mold remediation contractors  have a financial interest in finding mold.  Some use biased mold sampling methods that cause you to spend your money on unneeded mold remediation. Only a government agency offers unbiased, free or low cost health inspections. Doesn’t it make sense that any for-profit company who provides this type service must need to sell you something else?

Best Choice Inspections does not do mold remediation. We are your personal, unbiased Knoxville mold inspection consultant. We give you a fair, accurate and  independent inspection or investigation. We enter your home or business with an open mind and have respect for your opinions.



Myth #2 ….. “The area my remediator cleaned  looks good, so it must be mold-free”

Get a “Clearance Test” Before Your Final Payment to your Remediation Contractor

Only a Certified Mold Inspector who is not associated with the mold remediation company should perform a clearance test for microscopic mold spores. Using the same company  to test for mold that also just performed your mold remediation is like a restaurant’s owner performing his own State Health Inspection. Would you be comfortable eating at such a restaurant? Then why should you be comfortable having  your mold remediation company do their own mold clearance tests?

  • Best Choice Inspections has no conflict of interest. We are not associated with your contractor.
  • We are a mold  inspection company only.
  • We are unbiased and well trained for mold testing.
  • We use only nationally recommended methods to sample for mold contamination.
  • We provide you a detailed report from a mold laboratory accredited by the American Indoor Health Association. You can feel safe knowing the true status of your completed remediation work.

* Finding excessive mold spores during a clearance test does not necessarily mean the remediator has performed poor quality work. Mold spores are microscopic and sometimes additional work is required to clean the air.


Myth #3 …. “I’ve been in the mold business for years. I know this is mold”

Only Superman has microscopic vision. Some growths that look like mold may actually be a yeast or bacteria. Only under a microscope can anyone know if a microbial growth is actually mold. Best Choice Inspections uses nationally recognized testing methods to scientifically prove whether you have mold or not.