Mold Facts

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                        Mold Spores

Knoxville Penicillium mold we found under a ceiling light                           Mold Sample – Typical Colony

Mold is everywhere. It can be seen is growing as mold bodies (colonies), or not seen as microscopic spores (“seeds”).  We need mold to rot organic matter like a dead tree and put it back into the soil from where it came. However, our mold inspections show that  mold is also harmful. Some species contain small amounts of toxins, irritants,  and  allergens that can cause health issues for humans and pets. These “mycotoxins”, irritants, and allergens exist in some molds whether they are dead or alive.

Knoxville mold colonies we see and the mold spores we cannot see, must compete with different mold types for a place to grow. Using Knoxville mold testing techniques, we can find even hidden mold growth.  Knoxville mold inspections can also find the so-called Knoxville toxic mold that can affect human and pet health.


We commonly find Alternaria mold – causes skin infections.

Mold spores and fragments of mold bodies can float in the slightest air current. Mold toxins found by a Knoxville mold    inspection can affect our respiratory system’s nose, sinuses, throats, and lungs. Or, they can cause skin irritations on our bodies if in sufficient quantity.  For some people with hypersensitivity to certain mold species, sufficient quantities may be only 100 spores of a certain species. For others, it may take 2,000 spores of the same species to cause the same reaction.

Where do Knoxville mold inspectors  find mold?  Organic surfaces such as the paper on drywall, behind wallpaper, a cardboard box, or shoe leather. It can also grow in dust, which is comprised mostly of human or animal hair and dead skin cells. Most mold needs at least 55% relative humidity in the air or a sufficiently moist surface to begin growth. Otherwise, it sits on a surface as spores or fragments of mold bodies waiting for the right opportunity to grow as a new colony.

As your Knoxville mold testing consultant, our only business is to perform mold sampling and then customize the best and most cost effective methods of eliminating your indoor air quality issues. Our methods for Knoxville mold sampling are backed up by recommended procedures from the EPA and from accredited, national organizations. Please call us with whatever questions you may have and we’ll do our best to advise you with the very best solutions.

Gene Walshaw, Indoor Environment Professional
Owner, Best Choice Inspections
Certified for Mold Inspection & Assessment by Environmental Solutions Association
ERMI Certified Mold Inspector by the University of Tennessee