Meet the Inspectors


1. Be on time.                                               6. Do more than is expected.
2. Keep our promises.                                  7. Be knowledgeable, yet humble.
3. Be honest and fair to all.                           8. Always strive for excellence
4. Have a positive attitude.                            9. Write clear and concise reports
5. Respect those who refer us.                    10. Give quality information, not opinions


Follow the inspectors as they do a typical detailed home inspection….


Gene Walshaw is owner President of Best Choice Inspections,Inc. In 1976, while attending and graduating from the University of Tennessee Knoxville, he began his career at a local lumber yard as the acting Assistant Manager. In 1986, he bought a ServiceMaster franchise and specialized in restoring homes damaged by fire, water, mold, and storms. In 2002, he officially founded Best Choice Inspections. His past career experiences give him a huge edge in performing home inspections, mold investigations, and other specialty inspections.  Gene has been happily married for over 35 years to his wife, Jayne. He is a Past President of the Home Inspectors of Tennessee Association and is a HITA Master Inspector. He has performed thousands of residential and commercial inspections. Gene also holds multiple certifications from several home inspection and indoor air quality educational organizations. He is a member of Corryton Baptist church and has been a Gideon since 2002.


Jon Walz- TN License 1126


Jon Walz is a Tennessee licensed Home Inspector and Certified Mold Inspector. Jon’s strongest attributes are his thoroughness and the ability to effectively communicate his findings to our clients. Jon genuinely enjoys helping people pick a great home to purchase. Since no homes are perfect, he provides valuable advice to help make it as perfect as possible. Jon is happily married to Natalie and has three wonderful children.

Tanner Hiles is a Tennessee licensed Home Inspector and Certified Mold Inspector. Tanner is dedicated to delivering a quality home inspection to ensure clients make a confident, comfortable buying decision. He is motivated, hardworking, and trustworthy ready to work for you. Tanner lives in Corryton with his lovely wife, Ashley, and sweet baby, Amelia.



Jayne Walshaw holds duties as Office Manager and Marketing Specialist. When you call for information and scheduling, Jayne’s friendly voice will greet you and she’ll provide you with superior service. She has over 30 years experience in sales, customer service and office management. Jayne is married to Gene Walshaw and her “staff” consists of dogs Bella and Lulu plus Phil the Cat.


gene_walshaw4   A HITA inspector shall examine the condition of floors, walls, and ceilings.

“Gene notes, my clients tell me I am the most thorough home inspector they have ever hired.  Attention to details guarantees a great inspection.”
gene_walshaw6A HITA inspector should examine foundations, walls, piers, pillars, supports, beams, etc.

“East Tennessee soil is mostly ‘expansive clay.’ A skilled home inspector can determine if a foundation crack is a minor or major concern and then make appropriate recommendations.”

HITA inspector must examine the coverings of exterior walls.

“Water can penetrate through a crack as small as 1/100th of an inch. The longevity of a house depends heavily on its ability to resist water intrusion.”

A HITA home inspector shall examine the conditions of the heating/cooling systems as they exist.

“As a former fire damage restoration contractor I restored hundreds of homes injured from fires caused by faulty heating systems. This experience has been invaluable for inspecting furnaces, heat pumps, and other heat sources.”

A HITA home inspector shall examine a representative number of outlets and switches.

“Every day we go beyond the minimum standards that home inspectors use to examine a home. We have thousands of dollars invested in state-of-the-art equipment to locate potential hidden defects.”