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Standards of Practice

In order to provide our clients with the highest quality service we can, we abide by both InterNACHI and HITA Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. Through our membership to these organizations, we have received additional comprehensive training, advice and support from both experts and peers, all to ensure that we are working towards our highest potential and holding one another accountable.

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Types of Properties

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  • Light Commercial Buildings
  • Heavy Commercial Buildings

Buyer’s Inspection

A home may seem safe and secure at a glance. However, no matter how fresh and new a home may feel, there can always be hidden issues that are undetectable by simply looking. Before committing to purchasing a home, it is best to have it looked at by a professional. Rest assured you are making the right decision by hiring an inspector prior to your purchase.

Pre-Listing / Seller’s Inspection

Before putting your home on the market, how do you know that all structures and components are working properly? How do you know if you have priced it fairly? By hiring an inspector, the true nature of the home will be brought to light. Potential buyers will be thanking you for putting in the work to give them an honest assessment of the home, and it may give your home more selling power.

New Construction

Even with brand new homes, an inspection is well worth it, as there may be items that went overlooked or done below standard. This type of inspection pays close attention to structural defects like foundational cracks, faulty grading, poor framing, and other potential problems.

New Construction Phase Inspections

In order to ensure that your new home is being built up to standard throughout the entire process, this inspection is what you need. After each new phase is completed, it will be thoroughly examined for defects, substandard materials, and any other possible issues that can be fixed before continuing the construction process.

11 Month / Builder’s Warranty

After your home is complete and ready for you to move in, your contractor will likely provide you with a one-year workmanship warranty. This allows you to have an inspection on your home within the first year, and whatever problems are found, be it faulty construction, defective materials, or improper installations, you will be protected from paying for them out of pocket.

Home Maintenance Inspection

It is recommended to have a home inspected annually or semiannually to see if all systems and components are in good condition and functioning properly. This takes a close look at the critical aspects of your home like the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems and looks for any  structural issues or property damage.

Commercial Buildings / Property Inspection

Buying or leasing a commercial property is a huge investment. In order to ensure that businesses continue to operate safely and efficiently, a Commercial Buildings/Property Inspection is a must. This inspection aims to identify or uncover issues with the property, structural or otherwise. You will understand the true nature of the property’s condition including any costs needed for repairs or maintenance.

Loan Draw Inspection

This is also known as a progress inspection or a completion evaluation. It confirms the progress of a construction project for lenders. It helps verify that the contractor completed their work before the bank distributes funds or draws. The inspector will give a rundown of the work completed, a percentage of needed materials, and proof of their observations.


Say you had an inspection completed but the inspector was unable to access certain components. Perhaps you had a repair done on your home post inspection and want to make sure it was done properly. This is when re-inspections are needed. The inspector will make a visual examination of a property that was previously inspected for the same client.

Radon Testing

This naturally occurring gas can cause health problems such as lung cancer, and is undetectable by sight or smell. The only way to know exposure levels is by testing using devices that measure concentration over 48 hours. Inspectors know how to strategically place the device based on the home configuration.

Water Testing

If requested, an inspector will take samples of a home’s water and test it for particulates, minerals, and disease-causing bacteria. It’s easy to think that the water that comes out of the tap is safe to drink, as all contaminants are microscopic. In order to rest assured that you have safe drinking water, testing it is necessary.

Mold Testing

Mold is often invisible, and can cause severe health problems if left untreated. The inspector will look for moisture buildup or other indicators of mold presence in your home. If found, an air sample will then be taken to assess an area’s mold content. The air sample is then compared to the air outside to give a confirmation of mold presence.

Stucco Inspection

Stucco is a beautiful wall covering and can provide great benefits for the homeowner. Stucco also requires maintenance. This maintenance should include an inspection every 4-5 years. Stucco can have hidden moisture issues which can cause damage to the wall structure. The inspection will uncover any moisture intrusion issues that need to be addressed by a trusted stucco contractor.

Sewer Scope

All houses have a horizontal sewer line which extends from under the house to a main sewer line or a septic tank. A number of issues can occur including damage, settlement of the ground underneath, root growth into the pipes, and more. If your house is more than 15 years old or you suspect an issue we can provide a video repot of your underground drainage system and identify any issues present.

Quote Comparison

Need expensive work done on your home, have multiple quotes, not sure who to hire? We can help. Our quote comparison service can help you confirm the need for repairs, compare quotes, verify the contractor, provide alternative contractor referrals if needed, and even verify the proper completion of the project after is complete.

Seasonal Home Inspection Services in Knoxville

Seasonal Inspections

Why not keep your home in good condition year-round? We offer 4 Mini Inspections of different components depending on the season! Every Seasonal Inspection Plan includes these services:

  • A detailed inspection report each season listing prioritized concerns.
  • One FREE urgent call each year; a $295 value. (For example: Where is this water coming from?)
  • Replace lightbulbs, filters, and batteries during the inspection. (Provided by the homeowner.)
  • Referrals to professionals based on identified, necessary repairs.
  • Two free quote comparisons.
  • Two post repair evaluations to ensure proper completion.
Spring Home Inspection Services




Air Conditioning


Summer Home Inspection Services


Electrical Systems




Fall Home Inspection Services


Heating System

HVAC Distribution


Crawl Space

Winter Home Inspection Services






These services are discounted when combined with your seasonal inspections:

Radon Monitoring

Stucco Inspection

Air Quality Testing

Water Testing

Concierge repair coordination: We get quotes, hire contractors, ensure completion

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