Do you have too many things and not enough space, and you don’t even need everything that you have? When we collect items we don’t use or need, we end up with clutter. If you’ve reached that point, it’s time to make a plan to declutter your home. Here are four ways to do it.

Evaluate Items to Declutter Your Home

The first step in decluttering is to decide which items you will keep and which you will get rid of. An easy way to do this is to create three categories: items to keep, items to donate, and items to dispose of.

Anything that hasn’t been used in over a year probably is not needed in your home. If it’s useful, donate it. If not, dispose of it. Go through this sorting process with clothing, tools, decorations, and everything else taking up space.

Find Good Ways to Dispose of Clutter

Set aside items that you’re keeping until you’ve made a plan for the rest of your items. Charities like Goodwill will accept many of your discarded items, but don’t assume they will accept everything you’ve selected for donation.

As for items that are not useful to you or charities, dispose of them properly and legally. Recycle anything made of metal, plastic, or paper. If you have any types of hazardous contents like paint or cleaning products, discard them responsibly.

Start Back with a System

It does you no good to declutter your home if you don’t have a plan in place to keep it organized. Consider adding cabinets, storage under the beds, and racks for hanging items high in the garage. Store things where temperature and moisture conditions are appropriate for the item.

Declutter Your Home with the Family

The final step of implementing new storage and organization is making sure everybody in the family understands the system and uses it. Young kids will struggle if it’s too complicated. Keep the system logical, simple, and easy to use so that everyone in the family can help keep the house organized.

Put together a good plan to declutter your home. You’ll save money, improve safety, save time, and make your home and family more comfortable.

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