Appliances make our lives easier. Everyday chores become more manageable when we use machines to help us do the work. When planning your household budget, it’s helpful to understand the average lifespans of household appliances. You’ll be better able to plan for a replacement when it’s time.

The Expected Lifespan of Your Refrigerator

On average, a refrigerator will last about 13 years with compact models lasting about 9 years. If you’re debating replacing your refrigerator, sooner is probably better. Technology is always improving and a newer fridge will be more energy efficient.

Even if it seems like an expensive purchase, upgrading your refrigerator will save you money in the long term. Keep your refrigerator clean and vacuum the coils regularly to improve efficiency and extend the lifespan.

Gas Ranges Have the Longest Lifespans of Household Appliances

The cooking range is one of the most often used appliances in the home. A gas range will last for about 15 years. Electric ranges have only a slightly shorter life expectancy at 13 years. Get the most out of your range by keeping it clean.

Dishwashers Have a Shorter Life Expectancy

On average, a dishwasher will last about 10 years with regular use. To extend your dishwasher’s lifespan, only run a full load and check the filters regularly. Clean or replace the filter as recommended. You’ll save on your electric and water bills by using the machine efficiently.

Clothes Washer

A washing machine will work well for about 10 years. Increase the lifespan of this machine by only running full loads to reduce wear and tear on the components and parts. Using the washer efficiently will also save you money on your utility bills.

Microwave Lifespan

A microwave oven is a useful appliance and in many households, the microwave sees use several times a day. These appliances have a life expectancy of between 5 – 10 years, depending on the brand and how well the appliance is maintained. Keeping a microwave clean helps prevent hot spots from causing problems and will help you get more years out of the appliance.

Regular Maintenance to Extend the Lifespans of Household Appliances

Any appliance will last longer when it is well cared for. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance. Don’t overload the washing machine or dryer. Always clean the lint trap on the clothes dryer before each use. If your appliances have filters, keep them clean or replace them regularly. Use mild cleaning products on the inside and outside of household appliances so buildup doesn’t affect performance.

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