Your house needs regular care and attention. Maintaining your property includes looking for subtle changes. If you see any of these signs of problems with your home, have them investigated further. Catching an issue early will save you money.

Signs of Problems With Your Home: Doors and Windows Sticking

If you notice that windows are jammed or you have to force them open, it could be a sign of a shifting foundation or water damage in the walls. If your doors stick in their frames, this could also indicate changes in the or foundation. Sticking doors and windows may also indicate that termites are weakening the structure. Look for other signs of termites in the home.

A GFCI Outlet Keeps Popping

GFCIs are outlets that stop the flow of electricity when they sense a surge. They are typically installed in bathrooms and kitchens and are triggered when the electricity spikes. If an appliance begins to overheat or makes contact with water, the GFCI will cut the power. If a GFCI keeps popping, there may be an electrical issue in the home. If you are often resetting these outlets, it is time to call an electrician.

Standing Water in the Yard

Standing water or soft spots in the yard are signs of a problem. They could mean that the septic tank is full or the leach field has failed. Other indications of septic problems include slow drains and a gurgling toilet. If you have any of these conditions, have your septic tank pumped and inspected. If you use a public sewer system and there is standing water in your yard, a broken pipe may be causing it. In this case, a plumber can run a camera through your pipes to find any leaks in the lines.

Stains on Ceilings or Walls

Stains that mysteriously appear on your ceilings and walls could indicate that water is seeping in. It can take time for water damage to appear, so it’s likely that the leak has been a problem for a while. There may be structural damage inside the walls, ceiling, and attic. Check the attic and look for signs of water intrusion.

Flickering Lights are Signs of Problems With Your Home

If one light is flickering on and off, it might be a faulty bulb or fixture. If several lights are affected, there may be issues with the wiring or the electrical panel. This is a concern that an electrician should check out.

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