There are two main types of stucco: Hard Coat (Traditional) and Synthetic (EIFS). Both have advantages and, with proper maintenance, can be a great benefit to a homeowner. This article will discuss the benefits of an EIFS stucco home, which is more common in the Knoxville area.

Stucco clad homes have a beautiful appearance. Many people buy stucco homes because of the way they look. After living in a stucco home people begin to realize there are more benefits than just the appearance.

Many of our customers rave about how quiet a stucco home is. The materials used and the application of a stucco wall covering help dampen exterior noise for a peaceful environment. They also love the heating and cooling benefits. Many of our customers see heating and cooling costs well below the typical costs of a similar sized home without stucco.

Many people have heard stories about the issues related with stucco and the large cost of repairs. Hidden moisture issues behind stucco can lead to wood rot of the substrate (material that support the stucco coating) behind the stucco. If the substrate rots, the stucco can begin to crack, bulge, and even fail.

However, most issues with stucco can be directly traced back to improper installation and maintenance. Maintaining a stucco home is a critical part of owning the home. In order to properly maintain a stucco home, it must be inspected every 3-4 years. These inspections will uncover hidden issues and required maintenance before they become a major and costly issue.

Choosing the right inspector is another important part of the inspection process. Make sure your inspector has the proper certifications and training to be able to identify proper installation and maintenance needs. Also, the inspector should use the proper inspection technique. While some techniques are quicker and cheaper to perform, they can miss issues that may have been caused by previous water intrusion but are not wet at the time of the inspection.

With proper maintenance, a stucco home can be one of the best homes to own. Enjoy the benefits through proper maintenance. We hope you consider our certified and highly trained stucco inspector for your stucco inspection needs.

Authored by Jon Walz, Certified EIFS/ Stucco Inspector
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