An attractive deck or patio is an asset to your home that increases your enjoyment of your property. However, when temperatures drop in the fall and winter, it becomes more challenging to comfortably spend time outside. You can still enjoy the porch or courtyard even in cooler months with these tips to warm up your outdoor space.

Use a Patio Heater to Warm Up Your Outdoor Space

Patio heaters are an efficient way to warm the porch or patio, and they can be moved around your space depending on where you want to sit.

Many of these appliances allow you to adjust the heat output depending on how cold it is. Depending on your space, you might choose a heater that can be mounted overhead or to a wall to keep it out of the way.

There are several models of electric and propane space heaters that are designed for outdoor use. An electric heater is limited to areas where you have a power outlet nearby. However, these are safer to use in smaller or enclosed spaces, like a screened-in porch.

The propane-style heaters can be freely moved throughout a space. These are best used in open areas with good airflow to reduce your exposure to carbon monoxide.

Bring Blankets Outdoors

Just as you might curl up with a blanket on the couch inside, you can use blankets and pillows outside to add warmth to your outdoor space. There are special textiles designed for outdoor use that are water-resistant and easy to wash if they get dirty.

Don’t leave blankets or pillows designed for indoor use outside, as they can attract pests and be prone to mold and mildew. Always keep blankets and textiles away from fire pits or other sources of an open flame. Invest in a water-tight bin for storage that doubles as extra seating for guests.

Light a Fire to Warm Up Your Outdoor Space

Fire pits are popular thanks to their versatility and affordability. Some homeowners build a fire pit in the backyard and add seating. Others choose a more portable fire bowl. These are available at hardware and home improvement stores and provide a space for you to build a fire off the ground.

Make sure that you keep your fire pit away from the house and never build a fire beneath branches, an awning, or a patio umbrella.

Install a Fire Table

If you don’t want to commit to a fire pit, consider buying a fire table with built-in burners to provide heat. These tables are usually metal and the flames are propane-powered. Most include a removable cover that you take off when you’re ready for a fire. If you enjoy spending time dining outside at night, a fire table is a great way to warm up your outdoor space.

Add Mood Lighting

While it might not seem like lighting makes a difference in your comfort, good lighting can help the outdoor space feel warmer and more welcoming. String lights are a fun way to add a cozy feel to the space, and warmer-toned lights will set the mood for relaxing outdoors in the fall and winter.

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