Summer is ending, and cooler temperatures are just around the corner. Make sure your house is ready for the changing seasons. You’ll keep your family comfortable and warm when you prepare your home for fall.

Inspect the Guttering to Prepare Your Home for Fall

If it’s been several months since you’ve cleaned the gutters, set aside time in your schedule to complete this task. Autumn brings beautiful seasonal colors. However, when the trees begin to drop their leaves, they will end up in the gutters and cause clogs. Clogged gutters allow water to overflow, seeping under the roofing materials and behind the siding. You may experience leaks or mold growth due to excess moisture.

Adequate drainage around your property is essential all year round. So inspect the guttering and clean the channels if necessary.

The cooler temperatures of fall also provide an excellent opportunity to repair guttering that is bent, rusted, or becoming detached from your home.

Clean the Chimney

Over time leaves, pine needles, animal nests, and creosote accumulate inside your chimney. Before building a fire this season, have the flue cleaned by a professional chimney sweep. While you can clean the flue yourself, a professional has the right tools and equipment to do the job quickly, safely, and effectively.

A clogged chimney contains materials that may ignite when you build a fire. Keeping the chimney clean reduces the fire risk and keeps your family safe.

Tasks for Your Fall Garden

As your summer vegetable plants stop producing, remove them from the garden. Fall is a great time to weed the garden and flower beds, preventing unwanted weeds and plants from going to seed.

Autumn is also the season to plant bulbs, like daffodils, iris, and tulips, that will bloom in the spring. Mulch your perennial flower beds to protect the plants through the colder season. Till the garden to turn the soil and prepare the area for next year.

Prepare Your Home for Fall by Checking for Drafts

Cracks and gaps around windows and doors decrease your home’s energy efficiency. The HVAC system will have to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature and keep your family warm. Examine the area around windows and doors and look for leaks and airflow. Use a lit candle or incense stick to detect air leaks. Move the candle around the door or window and watch the flame. You’ll see movement in areas where a crack allows outside air into your home. Use weatherstripping or silicone caulk to fill in gaps and holes to insulate your home better.

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