A home inspection helps determine whether or not a buyer goes through with a real estate purchase. Inspections assess the condition of a property, resulting in a list of problems and recommended repairs. Because inspection reports are valuable to both homeowners and homebuyers, it’s essential to find the best inspector for the job. Here are some of the questions to ask when hiring a home inspector.

Do They Attend Continuing Education Classes?

Construction techniques are constantly evolving and standards change. When hiring a home inspector, don’t be afraid to ask how they are staying on top of the latest trends in the field. Many professional organizations require that inspectors take continuing education classes to stay members.

Attend the Inspection

One of the most valuable parts of a home inspection is being present to ask questions and learn more about the property. If you are hiring a home inspector, ask if you can attend. You do not have to be there, but you can learn a lot by attending and seeing first-hand what is in the report.

What Does the Home Inspection Include?

When hiring a home inspector, ask what they inspect. Do they test outlets and appliances to verify their function? Most inspectors examine the roofing, plumbing, electrical, and heating and cooling systems. If you have specific concerns about a property, ask. Maybe you’re concerned about radon gas or mold in the home. Talk to your inspector about the types of services they offer.

When Hiring a Home Inspector, Ask About Their Experience

There is no replacement for experience. To learn how to inspect homes, an inspector must undergo training. However, as with most jobs, training is not the same as practicing in the field. Experience gives a professional the expertise to quickly and easily identify problems and concerns with a property.

Does Your Inspector Have Insurance?

Look for a home inspection company with an insurance policy for errors and omissions. This insurance gives you confidence in the inspector’s work.

When Hiring a Home Inspector, Ask What Tools They Use

Specialized equipment can detect issues that are difficult to confirm otherwise. For example, an outlet tester checks to verify electrical outlets are grounded, neutral, or hot. Most skilled inspectors have various tools to assist with assessing the house.

When you need to hire a home inspector, ask family and friends for a recommendation. Don’t be afraid to interview several inspectors when hiring one. You’ll feel more confident in the assessment of the property when you hire an experienced professional.

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