Building a brand new home is exciting and overwhelming. The house, appliances, and fixtures are all new and the living spaces are built to your specifications. Your builder will likely offer a one-year warranty on the new construction. This warranty protects you in case something goes wrong or there are defects in the property. Hire a professional to assess the house before your warranty expires. Order a builder’s warranty inspection in your 11th month of homeownership.

Order a Builder’s Warranty Inspection to Note Areas of Concern

After living in the home for several months, you may begin to notice issues with your house. The bedroom window may be stuck in a closed position or the handrail in the stairway could be loose. Perhaps the hot and cold taps in the bathroom are reversed or maybe there are pieces of siding that have detached from the house.

During a warranty inspection, a professional will examine the home. He or she will write a full report noting any problems, defects, and safety concerns, and note if these issues should be repaired or replaced.

As the homeowner, you can share the information detailed in your report with your builder and discuss repairs. If you need to file a claim with the warranty provider, having written documentation will be helpful.

Discover Problems with the Home

Because a home inspector has experience with buildings and building codes, he or she is trained to notice problems. There may be issues with the home you haven’t detected, even after living there for almost a year.

Your inspector knows what to look for and will have the equipment to check for moisture issues and test electrical outlets. He or she knows how to spot signs of structural problems and plumbing concerns. The home inspection will record issues like missing or insufficient insulation, poor grading and drainage, and inadequate electrical wiring.

Many of these problems will be covered by the builder’s warranty. Just make sure you file a claim before the warranty period is up.

Prepare for a Future Sale When You Order a Builder’s Warranty Inspection

You’ve just moved your family into your newly built home and probably aren’t planning to sell the property anytime soon. But, you don’t know what the future will bring. Perhaps you’ll need to relocate for a new job or your growing family needs a bigger home.

When you put your house on the market, the buyer will order a home inspection. Problems that are found – even if they date back to the original construction of the house – will be your responsibility to repair. As the seller, you may learn that your home isn’t worth as much as you had expected because of shoddy workmanship or defective materials used during the build.

Protect your investment when you order a builder’s warranty inspection. The information you receive about your home helps you understand the condition of the property and the quality of the build. Request an inspection in your 11th month of homeownership so that you have plenty of time to file a claim for repairs on your warranty.

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