Instant Mold Counter


We can tell you “instantly” if mold is suspected in your home or business!

Lighthouse Particle CounterBest Choice Inspections is the only Knoxville home inspector using the Lighthouse IAQ 3018 air particle counter! This means we can sample your air with this device and count the number of mold particles within 3 to 10 minutes. You will know immediately if your home or business needs mold testing or a Knoxville mold inspection by Best Choice Inspections.

No more guess work if your family or work place needs a Knoxville mold inspector! If the air particle counter comes back with a high level of mold spores, there may be hidden mold. We will then collect an air sample, send it to an AIHA accredited mold labĀ  and determine if the mold spores are from a toxic mold or just a mildly allergenic type.

Call us at 865-804-2422 for a free estimate to evaluate your home or business for hidden mold growth. We have Certified Mold Inspectors standing by.